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How To Apply for a Job

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How to Apply for a job
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Take the steps towards a rewarding career in public service. Schenectady County employees work hard everyday to deliver essential services and maintain public infrastructure. Schenectady County is seeking passionate and hardworking candidates with a strong desire to help others to fill several Civil Service vacancies. 

What is Civil Service? 

Civil service with Schenectady County is about helping your community and making a difference in your chosen career.  Schenectady County offers a wide variety of career opportunities.  From construction and maintenance services to healthcare, finance, public safety, and education, County employees are dynamic problem solvers who go to work everyday to keep our communities strong.

Choose Your Career Path!

Schenectady County offers a wide variety of career opportunities for people of all levels of experience. You may be a good candidate for a job in one of the areas listed below:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Public Safety and Emergency Services
  • Clerical Work and Customer Service
  • Public Health and Nursing
  • Education and Library Services
  • Information Technology
  • Law and Legal Support
  • Human Services and Social Work


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Career Tip

The process of applying for a job in the Civil Service differs from most other industries. For most county positions, you may be required to complete a Civil Service Exam. When an exam is required, you apply for the exam, not the job.

The most common types of positions are:

These are positions for which it is practicable to determine the merit and fitness of applicants by competitive examinations. Competitive Class examinations are either held as open competitive exams, open to all applicants meeting the minimum qualifications for the position; or, promotional exams for those already serving in a lower position in a line of promotion within the same jurisdiction.

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These are positions for which using a competitive examination to determine the merit and fitness of the applicants has been found to be not practicable. Usually these positions require a specific professional license or other special qualifications. While these positions do not require an examination, you may not have the same protections as a Competitive Class Position. 

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Provisional appointments may be made to positions in the competitive class if no list of eligible candidates exists. All provisional appointees are subject to passing a competitive examination and be reachable on any list established as a result of such an examination.

Are you interested in applying for Competitive position that requires you to take a Civil Service Exam?

Are you interested in a position that does not require you to take a Civil Service Exam?