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Schenectady County Community College

Over forty years ago, the Schenectady County Legislature saw fit to create new educational opportunities for our community as sponsor of Schenectady County Community College (SUNY Schenectady). Since then, SUNY Schenectady has grown into a premier institution within the State University of New York (SUNY) system. SUNY Schenectady offers high-quality academic programs, broad access for students and responsiveness to community needs. It offers transfer degrees, career degrees, and certification programs.

Today, the Schenectady County Legislature continues their commitment to SUNY Schenectady because they continue to believe in the transformational power of education and how important it is to prepare our students for the jobs of the future. The County's investment into SUNY Schenectady has helped facilitate the expansion of college programs, including Culinary Arts, Music and Drama, Healthcare, and Air Traffic Control (which uses the Schenectady County Airport Tower for real world training and experience).

Educational Programs and Facilities in Schenectady County

Certificate of Residency

Special Instructions for Schenectady County Community College students.

You must obtain your certificate of residency directly from: Schenectady County Community College, Student Business Office, Elston Hall. The Schenectady County Finance Department does not issue certificates to Schenectady County Community College students. If you have any questions please call the College at 381-1346 or 381-1420.

For all other community colleges in New York State.

In accordance with New York State Education Law, Section 6301 each full-time and part-time student residing in New York State must file a Certificate of Residence. The County of Legal Residence for a New York State resident attending a community college contributes to the College a portion of the College's cost for providing services to the student. The basis for assessing counties for this money is the Certificate of Residence.

To apply for a Certificate of Residence please click here