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Schenectady County Threat Assessment Team

The Schenectady County Threat Assessment team (SCHEN-TAT) is a multi-agency body that recommends management strategies for persons of concern and threats of targeted violence. Our network includes private and public entities like schools, colleges, social service agencies, mental health professionals and law enforcement agencies.

This team focuses on the safety of residence and visitors through collaborative, community-based intervention approaches for grievance fueled violence, radicalization, and threats by individuals experiencing an emotional or mental crisis. With the support of the Schenectady County Sheriff’s Office, leading county officials, and many partners, our team is designed to identify and mitigate possible targeted violence.


What is targeted violence?

Any form of violence that is premeditated and directed at specific individuals, groups, or locations. Perpetrators select their targets to achieve specific motives, such as the resolution to grievances and political or ideological statements. The ability to prevent targeted violence mainly relies on people like yourself, community members, to help identify potential threats. When an individual is planning an act of violence, they usually exhibit pre-attack behaviors such as:

  • Changes in Interpersonal Interactions
  • Physical Aggression Recklessness
  • Violent Media Usage
  • Inappropriate Interests in Firearms and/or Incendiary Devices


Many of these relate to an emotional or mental health crisis or problematic interpersonal interaction. You should contact the Schenectady County Threat Assessment Team if a classmate, coworker, friend, family member, or neighbor are demonstrating concerning behavior. By bringing concerning behaviors to the attention of SCHEN-TAT, skilled professionals can assess and then intervene.

  • Schenectady County Sheriff’s Office
  • Schenectady Police Department
  • Scotia Police Department
  • Glenville Police Department
  • Rotterdam Police Department
  • Niskayuna Police Department
  • Navy Operational Support Center
  • 109th Security Forces Squadron
  • Department of Social Services
  • Schenectady County Probation
  • Schenectady County Community Services
  • Northern river
  • Knolls Atomic Laboratory
  • General Electric
  • Golub Corporation
  • Schenectady County Community College
  • Union College
  • Duanesburg School District
  • Schenectady School District
  • Mohonasen School District
  • Niskayuna School District
  • Schalmont School District
  • Scotia Glenville/ BHBL School District
  • Jewish Federation of New York


For Non-Emergency assistance please dial: (518) 388-4309